Posted by: webmaster | June 11, 2007

Mapping your ancestors land with Deed Mapper Version 4.0

Deed Mapper version 4.0 was recently released and I thought I might share the details with you. Many people have inquired how to best utilize deeds in their research. I believe strongly Deed Mapper will offer you the assistance you will need to document and plot out your ancestral lands. If you are a local historian, this program will also assist you in sorting out former residents and their land deeds.

New features in DeedMapper version 4.0

Version 4.0 contains many exciting new features, summarized below. And, of course, it’s fully compatible with your existing deed files and background maps.

Major ImprovementsYou can elect to use the new Deed Entry Form for entering your deed descriptions. This simple form makes it easy to enter the information for platting most parcels. To try out the Deed Entry form, open the View menu and select Options, then Text View.

Undo support has been added for most DeedMapper editing actions, particularly those in the Plot View.

New users will appreciate that the Help menu now includes video tutorials for common functions.

Parcels can be grouped together. Selecting any parcel in the group causes the whole group to be selected. This makes it much easier to move a set of interconnected parcels.

Multiple parcels can be easily selected via “rubber band selection” in the Plot View.

The Text View supports a Notes pane where you can do freeform entry of any additional information you might have for each of your deeds. The Notes pane supports the use of hyperlinks to files on the internet and to files on your hard drive.

Plot styles can be easily copied from one parcel to another. This makes it easy to apply a particular style to many parcels.

You can define your own line tags in the Text View, and up to four of them can be displayed in the Table View!

The Find command can now optionally select all deeds that contain a given text phrase.

If you use our background maps, GPS Points can be added to your deed description. Use this to record the location of features within your parcel.

The Plot View displays the print margins, and the Print command supports adjusting the printout scale to fit those margins.

Export your parcels in KML format so they can be loaded into Google Earth and other applications.

Export your Table View in CSV format so it can be loaded into spreadsheet or database programs.

Additional Improvements
Scrollbars have been added to the Plot View. It’s now much easier to fine tune your location.
The mouse scroll wheel is supported. Ctrl+scroll wheel zooms into and out of the Plot View.
The Find and Filter dialogs maintain lists of recent entries. This makes it a simple matter to recall a previously used value.
All map and deed annotations are locked by default at startup.
Text View displays comments in green and errors in red.
Text View supports the use of the tab character
Deed annotations automatically scale in size as you change the display scale.
The deed filter supports filtering out parcels that are outside the current Plot View.
The File New command optionally creates a folder for your new project.
Distances containing chains and poles, or poles and links are supported.
Date sort properly supports Old Style and New Style dates
Background map display quality has been improved.
GIF files are supported as background images and export images.

Upgrade Pricing
$32 – Regular upgrade price
$19 – Owners of DeedMapper 3.0 who purchased it after June 1, 2006
Free! – Owners of DeedMapper 3.0 who purchased in 2007.

To order Deed Mapper 4.0 contact –

Direct Line Software
71 Neshobe Rd.
Newton, MA 02468
(617) 527-9566

Genealogically yours,

David Allen Lambert


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